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Active Homes
Aging in Place Home Modification
a division of Greenhouse Construction
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Active Homes

Converting Homes to a much safer, comfortable, accessible and greener place to live.

Active Homes is a full service remodeling company that specializes in providing services and products that allows homeowners to live their lives comfortably and safely in their current home for the years to come. Our goal is to create an accessible , comfortable and a safe home that will allow homeowners to enjoy the convenience their own home with out the ” hospital-look” design.

Certified aging in place specialist in Los Angeles

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We want you to be our next Happy Client! 

AHtestimonial from Active Homes on Vimeo.

This is a great project and our awesome clients Mr. and Mrs McCrary in Los Angeles.

We created a modern design roll-in, barrier free bathroom shower and accessible kitchen to meet their needs while maintaining a level of stylish elegance.


McCrary’s The Project-ADA Bath from Active Homes on Vimeo






Active Homes is located in Southern California and is based in Los Angeles.

We welcome all inquiries and offer free consultations and assessments:

Tel: (855) 924-7663






Santa Monica Kitchen Remodeling-Aging-in-place-specialist


Home Livability Evaluation

Base on AARP Home Fit Guide (2008) in order to evaluate your home’s livability, ask yourself the questions that follow and decide if your home meets your current and future livability requirements. Your answers will let you know if you need to make changes or if you should search for a more suitable home.

  •  Is there at least one step-free entrance into the home?
c Are there a bedroom, full bath, and kitchen facilities on one level , which are barrier free?
  • Are the doorways and hallways wide enough to let a wheel- chair pass through?
  • Do doorknobs and faucets have lever handles, which are easier to use than rounded knobs?
  • Are kitchen countertops mounted at varying heights so they can be used while standing or seated?
  • Can kitchen and bathroom cabinets and shelves be easily reached?
  • Do the bathtub and/or shower have a non-slip surface?
  • Are there grab bars in the bathroom or has the wall been reinforced so that you can add them?
  • Are hallways and staircases well lit?
  • Are there secure handrails on both sides of stairways?
  • Can light switches, electrical outlets, and thermostats be easily reached even when seated?
  • Can the windows be opened with minimum effort?

If you would like a more complete assessment of your home for livability, enlist the help of a Certified Aging in Place like Active Homes and Call us at 855-924-7663 for a FREE HOME ASSESSMENT  to aid you in identifying ways to improve safety in your home and ways you can modify your home to help compensate for any disability you may be experiencing.