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Accessible Bathrooms


Accessible Bathrooms accommodate people with a physical disability and allow wheelchair users and people using walking aids to get around.

More and more people are transforming at least one of the bathrooms in their home to be barrier free and to offer ease of use to people with a wide range of physical abilities some with significant handicaps.

Barrier-free bathrooms offer a safe solution for people who have reduced balance and mobility. As most bath and toilet rooms are shared between several family members, accessible designs must address multiple requirements. Identifying and understanding these factors is the first step in making the right bathroom design decisions. A wheelchair accessible bathroom accommodates handicapped individuals and is much safer for the entire family.

These are some of the remodeling our client avail

Walk-in Tub 

In bathtubs have either an inward-opening or “cap” like fitted door that is self-sealing. Most walk-in bathtubs also have a chair-height seat, but some, which are the same basic configuration as a standard bathtub, do not have any seat. Other tubs have side walls that raise and lower, while others have doors that slide into the wall of the tub.

Some bathtubs categorized as “walk-in” actually require a low step-in, as they have higher seats and outward-opening doors that enable a person to simply sit on the seat and pivot and swing his or her legs into the tub. This type of walk-in bathtub can be helpful to those confined to wheelchairs and to others with mobility challenges.

Walk-in tubs take up a similar amount of space in a bathroom as a traditional bathtub. This allows for a quicker installation and simpler alignment of the water drains.

Barrier-free shower

Medical authorities consider showering more hygienic, and showering is considered safer because getting in and out of the bathtubs presents difficulties and risks.

In roll-in showers, bathers remain in their wheelchairs and may bathe independently or with assistance. A roll-in shower’s most critical feature is a flush threshold curb instead of a raised dam. Commonly the shower is fitted with a handheld shower and a no-skid flooring. Storage space should be provided in locations that are convenient for bathers in wheelchairs, standing bathers and caregivers.

Existing tub retrofits

When a full shower remodel is not feasible the a tub retrofit is the most cost effective solution. The Safeway Step insert allows us to cut out a section of your current bathtub and create a much more accessible, safe bathing environment. Once  we cut out a section of your bathtub and installs the insert, we  can  reduce your step over height by 8 inches. This process basically creates a low-threshold shower that is much easier to enter/exit than the uncomfortable and dangerous height of traditional bathtubs.