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Bel-air State Aging In Place

June 11, 2012 Jeff APHM Los Angeles Aging House Specialist

Getting old is a fact of life that everyone has to accept. These days, there are many ways in which a home be modified to accommodate the aging needs. Active Homes is a  licensed and certified Bel-air Aging in Place company that offers seniors, wheelchair bound and disabled an accessible home remodeling that will adapt to their physical needs.
Depending on the level of physical capabilities of an individual has, a certified aging in place specialist (CAPS) will assess the right home modification that is needed to make their home more accessible. These home modifications incorporate design solutions for independent living and can often be cost effective. Examples are installing grab bar, home elevator, lifts , accessible ramps and walk in bathrooms. Pacific Palisades residents are  welcome to call Active Homes for a free home modification assessment that is based to their needs and budget.
Active Homes services is not  limited to residential homes but for other commercial places such as churches, offices or parks that needs ADA compliant structures. This is also very beneficial to the people involved in the care of the elderly while promoting independence to seniors.

Bel-air State Aging In Place,