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Beverly Hills Aging In Place

June 2, 2012 Jeff APHM Los Angeles Aging House Specialist

Most housing stock in Beverly Hills are 45 years and older. Most of them don’t have the features that help people age in place. Active Homes is a licensed and a certified aging in place specialist that “allows a person  with  physical and medical disabilities and the frail elderly to age in place with dignity within their own  home environment. This concept is accompanied by the needed home modifications required to achieve this goal. The purpose of an accessible environment through home modifications is to increase the environmental accessibility and remove architectural barriers for greater independence and safety for the individual in need.
Home modifications incorporate design solutions for independent living and can often be cost effective. Examples are wheelchair accessible living spaces,  installing grab bar, home elevator, lifts , accessible ramps and walk in bathrooms. Beverly Hills residents are  welcome to call Active Homes for a free home modification assessment that is based to their needs and budget.

Beverly Hills Aging In Place,