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Certified Aging In Place Specialist In Los Angeles

February 23, 2012 Jeff APHM Los Angeles Aging House Specialist

An aging in place specialist is a person who goes through a three month training program and graduates with certain skills such as marketing, customer service and technical skills so

Senior Couple At Home

Senior Couple At Home

that he or she can take care of the aging in place home modifications needed by those who are 50 and older.

Indications have been showing in the last decade or so that most home owners want to stay in their own homes as they age instead of looking for other places to live. However, those who need and want to make changes to their homes—due to health conditions—can do so with the help from certain remodelers so that they can hold on to their independence and freedom in their homes. Such suggestions on remodeling come from aging in place specialists.

To be more clear, an aging in place means living in one’s home independently, in a comfortable way and in a safe environment. It also means being able to stay in one’s home as a person gets older and to possibly live there until they die.

Some projects that an aging in place specialist might suggest to a home owner are: installing shower and bath grab bars, installing private elevators and adjusting the height of countertops.

Certified agining in place specialists can assist a homeowner by suggesting certain improvements that could protect you from injury in your home.

There are certain questions a certified aging in place specialist can answer such as:

1. Do I need to add an extra bedroom to my home?
2. Will this remodeling projectmake my home more energy efficient?
3. Do I need to get a loan?
4. How much money will I need to complete this project?
5. What should I do to prevent falls?
6. How can I make my kitchen more efficient and safer?

This kind of service can be quite helpful and can lengthen a person’s stay in their own home.

For more information on this topic, check out certified aging in place specialist in Los Angeles.


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