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Change An Old Outdated Bathroom Into A Walk In Bathroom

April 3, 2012 Jeff APHM Los Angeles Aging House Specialist

The most dangerous place for anyone, especially the elderly is the bathroom. Outdated bathtubs with no side rails are not safe at all. They provide no support for anyone trying to get out of the bath tub

walk in bathroom

walk in bathroom

and balance themselves. The majority of people approaching or beyond retirement age lives alone. Bathroom accidents account for hundreds of injured people who are placed in nursing homes or assisted living facilities each year. Elderly individuals slip and fall in their bathroom due to water spills on the bathroom floor.

Converting a traditional bathroom into a walk in bathroom provides safety and convenience for the aging adults. They can live safe and prosperous lives even if they live alone. It does not take much to renovate a bathroom or shower and make it safe and relaxing. Choose from a variety of designs and styles. Some elderly people cannot take sit down baths, and in a situation like this they would best benefit from having a walk in shower.

Walk in showers are great for older adults with mobility problems or with arthritis. For most aging adults sitting down may be just as difficult as standing up. The walk in bathroom allows the aging adult to experience flexibility and independence.

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