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Disabled Wheelchair Access Modifications Improve Quality Of Life

March 28, 2012 Jeff APHM Los Angeles Aging House Specialist

Home Modification

Home Modification to Help Disabled Wheelchair Access To Improve Everyday living.


People with limited mobility can benefit from disabled wheelchair access modifications to the home. Specific adaptations to the environment make it easier for residents to move around the space and perform daily tasks easier.

A home with accessibility modifications makes it possible for people to live independently regardless of physical abilities. Installing a sloping ramp on the property allows individuals in wheelchairs to bypass any stairs and access the front entrance of the home. Homeowners may choose a sloping concrete walk from the driveway to the door or an integrated ramp more suitable for a wood frame home.

Homeowners on a budget may opt for an affordable portable ramp that is durable enough to accommodate most wheelchairs and scooters. A beveled threshold ramp offers a smooth transition over all doorway thresholds, including those for sliding glass doors.

Individuals can have modifications in the bathroom to gain even more independence and reduce the risk of accidents. With a roll-in shower stall, users do not have to get out of the chair to bathe. The flush threshold curb provides access with no barrier to worry about getting over.

When searching for disabled wheelchair access solutions, homeowners can choose from a variety of options to suit any need or budget size.



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