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Expert At Helping Aging Adults: Los Angeles Grab Bar Handyman

July 17, 2012 Jeff APHM Los Angeles Aging House Specialist

Residents of 4th Street Senior Housing, which is located in the far west section of L.A. County, have come to recognize the friendly face of the Los Angeles Grab bar Handyman. He visits that facility from time to time, in order to install the device that helps seniors to maintain their balance, while getting into a bathtub or while using a toilet. He knows how to find the ideal spot for any installed bars, a spot that actually maximizes each bar’s intended function.

In addition, the handyman’s expertise includes a familiarity with the different types of bars. That long device can be straight, L-shaped or angled. It can even be a long pole, one that extends from the floor to the ceiling. The handyman’s training has equipped him to install each type, regardless of the bar’s specific shape.

Those men and women who have family members residing at a location such as the one on 4th Street appreciate their ability to dispense with one worry. That is the worry that a loved one might slip and fall while bathing or using the toilet. Thanks to the efforts of the grab bar handyman, that worry has been laid to rest, and replaced with the security of a safe and well-equipped lavatory.

Expert At Helping Aging Adults: Los Angeles Grab Bar Handyman,