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If ramps cannot compensate the substantial height difference, lifts are the solutions. These are mechanical equipment that can transfer you from different floors of the house.

Kinds of lifts

Exterior Platform lifts –  For entrances that have a substantial height difference between yard and entry floor, an outdoor platform lift can be installed. This mechanical lifts can be integrated into the home’s exterior facade.

Residential Elevators – Residential elevator are increasingly affordable way to provide access between floor levels without the stairs. Elevators can access floor levels with a maximum vertical rise of 55 feet and as many as 6 stops. These elevators are either cable operated or hydraulic. They travel on a single, side mounted rail. They vary in their weight capacity, cab size and configuration.
To install a residential elevator , an open shaft must be provided through the home’s structural frame at all floors the unit will serve.

Stair lift– Stair lifts are less expensive, but are less accessible alternative to residential elevators. But in many existing homes a stair lift may be the most practical options because of the space restrictions and budget limitations. Stair lifts can be retrofitted to most stairs configurations, although installation cost increase exponentially for complex stair layout.

The user must be capable of transferring to the lift seat. So for an independent lift use, an extra wheelchair must be kept at the top or bottom of the stair landing within reach from the lift seat.

Inclined Platform Lifts – Inclined platform lift do not require users to transfer from their chairs. Platform lift installations require a wide, straight single-run stairs with an extra-long lower landing. These requirements limits the inclined platform retrofits in existing homes. In addition, a reinforced wall must be available along the stairway and bottom landing for structural support.