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For wheelchair users, often the first challenge is gaining entrance to the home. Most houses are elevated above the surrounding ground to protect its structure from water damage and thus have four or five steps leading to the door.

A gently slope concrete walk is the best alternative for access when a lot is relatively flat and adjacent driveway is on the same approximate level as the home’s  entry floor.

If the house is wood framed, building integrated ramps is the alternative. Custom building integrated ramps are usually more labor intensive and more expensive. These ramps will blend on the current structure of you house and can actually add value to the house when installed correctly.

If budget is limited a modular and portable ramp will serve the purpose. Modular ramps tend to be best suited for individuals who are looking for a short-term solution (less than 2 years), such as those who are recovering from an injury.

Kinds of Ramps

  • Threshold Ramps – The beveled threshold ramp is great for providing a smooth, gradual transition from the ground to a doorway threshold. These threshold ramps feature beveled sides and a 36″ usable width. The ramp has a 850 lb weight capacity and works even better on sliding glass doors because it does not interfere with the door track. This ramp can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Portable Ramps – Portable wheelchair ramps are a durable yet inexpensive alternative when a permanent ramp is not feasible or available. Most are designed for quick and easy use with scooters and all wheelchairs
  • Modular Ramps – Designed to address the accessibility needs of the residential and light commercial market. Modular Ramps are an excellent choice when accessibility needs extend beyond the scope of portable ramps. Because of its efficient design (the system uses less hardware and ramps, platforms, and handrails are pre-assembled).
  • Custom Ramps – If you want  total accessibility and aesthetics a building integrated ramp  is the best option. Ramps that are custom built allow for designs and sizes which are done specific to the site and can blend into a home’s architecture. Custom ramps are typically constructed of wood or concrete and eco-friendly maintenance-free hybrid materials.