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Senior At Home Basics

September 17, 2012 Jeff APHM Los Angeles Aging House Specialist

Senior at home or aging in place refers to living at home, where one has been living for years and not in any health care institution or environment. It entails the use products, services and other conveniences that allow one to continue living in their own home while getting older. is a website that gives out information on the services, products and set up of senior at home care. Aging in place points out that aging at home is better as one gets the advantage of familiarity and is accorded the emotional support that is needed with the turmoil of aging. The rich memories that are in a home and the histories created in it are quite helpful in the aging process.

Aging leads to reduced physical ability and the loss of competence. The ability for one to get around, despite the environment being steadily familiar, decreases with age. The essence of staying at home is to feel safe with the ability to control the experiences. However, when the environment becomes hard to control, it is mandatory to get housing modification services, care giving, assistive technologies and other aging in place tips that will prove beneficial. These modifications aim at making the home safer and comfortable while also increasing the likelihood for one to remain independent.

The National Association of Home Builders and the AARP developed the Certified Aging in place Specialists program to meet the home modification services needed by more and more people who have opened up to the senior at home programs. The organization teaches individuals involved in the care and residential design about the requirements of older adults. Some of the modifications are quite simple and basic, like adding additional lighting in hallways and stairs, replacing knobs with levers on doors and faucets and also adding handrails to certain places.


Senior At Home Basics,