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Some Trainers Who Could Use A Wheelchair Friendly Home In Los Angeles

April 26, 2012 Jeff APHM Los Angeles Aging House Specialist

Every March on the first day of spring, it becomes next to impossible to find an empty parking space in the lot of one L.A. building, one located in south central Los Angeles. During the remainder of the year, the men and women who use that same building are constantly reminded of their need for at least one more wheelchair friendly home in Los Angeles. That is due to the frequent scheduling of training classes in that large and spacious structure.

Now that structure does not lack for ramps. There are ramps available inside and outside, for those who need them. However, the building’s large auditorium was designed for a crowd, and not a small group. Yet frequently throughout the year, small groups make use of areas within that same structure. Such groups could get together more often, if each of them had access to a wheelchair accessible home, one located in L.A. County.

That small domicile would seem more inviting than a larger structure’s rather imposing nature. It would be more conducive to conversation, the sort of thing that needs to be encouraged at a training session. Moreover, once fitted with the proper modifications, that sort of home should make it easy for a wheelchair-bound individual to take part in any of the planned activities. Group-members would welcome the chance to gather in that friendly environment.

Some Trainers Who Could Use A Wheelchair Friendly Home In Los Angeles,